Quilt Hangers

 Cindoco Wood Products and it's Craftwood Division are pleased to offer a line of very useful products specifically targeting quilters.


The Quilt Hanger is a wood hanger with a marble which allows you to hang your quilts or tapestries without putting holes in them. When you push the quilt into the slot, the marble drops down and gravity holds the quilt securely in place. To remove, you simply pull uo and then to the side.


The Quilt Hanger can be painted, stained, carved, or designed in countless other ways to match your hanging or room decor. Each Quilt Hanger has a hang-hole on the back to make it easy to hang on a wall. The Quilt Hangers comes in two different sizes. The Note Hanger follows the same principles but is designed to hold papers on a refrigerator.





 Quilt Hanger

 Quilt Hanger Twin





 Quilt Hanger Twin "Legacy"

 Note Hanger