Thread Racks


 Cindoco Wood Products and its Craftwood Division offer a line of unique products for those who enjoy sewing or quilting. Our Standard Thread Racks come in three different sizes and can either be stood up or hung on a wall. Our Rotary Thread Racks are available in two sizes and sit on a swivel base which can be set on a table or workspace. Call us today for pricing!


 Standard Thread Racks:




 Mini Mack Thread Rack

 Little Mack Thread Rack

 Big Mack Thread Rack

 -Holds 30 spools of thread

 -Holds 63 spools of thread

 -Holds 108 spools of thread




 Rotary Thread Racks:



 Small Rotary Thread Rack

 Large Rotary Thread Rack

 -Holds 80 spools or 40 cones of thread

 -Holds 120 spools or 60 cones of thread